Automotive & Industrial

Waste Drum Disposal Services

Management, Disposal, Transportation & Reporting for Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste Materials

Waste Drum Services

  • Proper Waste Identification including Full Analytical Capability
  • Pickup and Disposal of A Broad Range of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Wastes
  • Safe and Proper Transportation
  • Environmentally Sound Treatment and Disposal
  • On-time Regularly Scheduled Service
  • No Minimum Quantities
  • Manifest and Label Preparation
  • Competitive Pricing with No Separate Freight Charges
  • Full Customer Service Support
  • Peace of Mind Knowing Your Waste Will Be Handled Safely and Responsibly by an Experienced Leader in Environmental Services
  • Certificate of Assurance

Crystal Clean gives you peace of mind

The HCC Certificate of Assurance gives you the peace of mind that your wastes are being handled properly and responsibly by Heritage- Crystal Clean, LLC. We protect your assets and offer your company protection when we assume full responsibility for your waste.

Rely on our record

Heritage-Crystal Clean is committed to providing safe solutions to your environmental needs. Our compliance record, financial stability and years of experience in drum waste disposal stand as proof of our ability to be the environmental services provider that you can count on for years to come.

Industrial Drum Waste Management

Included in our HCC Drum Waste Disposal Service are all labor and materials for the pickup and proper disposal of your wastes, in compliance with all local, state and Federal EPA regulations. We can supply you with DOT approved drums at each regularly scheduled service interval. At pickup, we will label each drum for shipping and provide you with all necessary documentation for your protection at no extra charge. You’ll receive our written assurance that the job has been done right!

Disposal Methods


Thermal Destruction

Hazardous Incineration

Supplemental Fuels


Waste Water Treatment



Treatment of Inorganic Waste

Energy Recovery of Used Oil

Universal Waste Recycling

Examples of Waste Handled


Parts Cleaner Process Waste

RCRA F001-F005 Solvents









Halogenated Solvents

Universal Waste

Mercury Containing Fluorescent Lamps

HID, Incandescent, U-Bend&Circ. Lamps

Crushed Bulbs


Inorganic Waste

Acid/Caustic/Metal Contaminated Wastes

Mercury Waste

Thermostats/Thermometers/Mercury Switches

Mercury Contaminated Debris

COD Vials & Elemental Mercury

Electroplating Waste

Acid & Caustic & Inorganic

Cyanide Baths and Rinse Waters

Chrome Wastes F006/F019

WWT Sludges & Filter cakes

Contaminated Gasoline/Diesel

Used Shop Wipes and Towels

Contaminated Soil




Aerosol Cans

Liquid Fuel Packs

Dry Cleaning Waste

Liquid Perchloroethylene

Liquid Tetrachlorethylene

Perc Sludge

Spent Dry Cleaning Filters

Non-Hazardous Waste


Used Oil

Used Oil Filters

Oily Water

Non-PCB Ballasts

PCB Ballasts (NonTSCARegulated)

Non Hazardous Oil and Absorbents

RCRA Empty Drums

RCRA Empty Automotive Gas Tanks




Industrial Non Haz/ Special Waste 

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