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Your Trusted Partner for Secure, Safe, and Sustainable Destruction of Sensitive and Confidential Materials

Reliable Service with Confidential Disposal of Waste to Protect Your Company

Sensitive, confidential waste can pose a significant risk to your company. Whether you have obsolete inventory, defective products, or sensitive materials that need to be disposed of, Crystal Clean’s secure product destruction services are designed to protect your company based on your specific needs. We prioritize confidentiality, compliance, and sustainability in every aspect of our operations.

Security is our top priority when it comes to product destruction. We understand the importance of having a trustworthy, reliable partner for product destruction to minimize your risk and bring you peace of mind. Crystal Clean is committed to protecting your company reducing your risk and liability. We offer complete confidentiality and can provide destruction verification documents, such as certificates of destruction, witness of destruction, and video of destruction, to give you peace of mind your materials are securely destroyed in compliance with EPA, FDA, DEA, federal, state, and local regulations.

As your partner, Crystal Clean has the assets and infrastructure to be your single source for the entire product destruction process. Our nationwide network of branches allows us manage logistics to collect and consolidate materials from across the country. After being transported to a secure destruction facility, your materials will be destroyed using state of the art shredding technology in compliance with regulations. All waste will be completely shredded, defaced, and transported to a waste-to-energy facility or landfill for final disposal. Whenever possible, Crystal Clean will destroy the shredded materials using a waste-to-energy process to generate electricity and reduce the environmental impact of waste. Our team is committed to determining the best way to safely and sustainably manage your waste to meet your goals.

Types of Waste for Secure Product Destruction Include:

DEA & Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical waste requires a high level of expertise to properly manage. You’re not only protecting your company, but also your customers and the environment. This makes secure product destruction a critical process to ensure the safe and confidential disposal of any pharmaceutical waste. The Crystal Clean team is prepared to assist you to safely dispose any pharmaceutical waste in compliance with all regulations.

Consumer Goods

Secure product destruction is a crucial process for companies to take while they maintain safety and quality standards. When products are off-spec, past their shelf life, or recalled due to quality issues, it is essential to ensure their secure destruction to reduce risks and liability. Crystal Clean is committed to providing secure, safe, and compliant destruction of any products. Our team is dedicated to helping you safely manage the process from start to finish, from initial transportation to final disposal with a certified destruction documents.

Sensitive & Classified Materials

When handling sensitive and classified materials, it is vital to ensure they are properly destroyed so they do not fall into the wrong hands. You need a trustworthy partner to offer a secure product destruction service to protect your company and minimize risk. Crystal Clean’s secure product destruction services can safely handle your physical materials for destruction, ranging from papers, hard drives, research and development prototypes, and more. Our team provides confidential disposal with destruction certification documents to give you peace of mind your materials are securely destroyed.


The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has specific regulations to protect our environment from biological and organic materials. APHIS waste often includes items that may have been contaminated by pathogens, invasive species, or other biological materials that may pose a risk to agriculture and the ecosystem. Crystal Clean offers secure product destruction to help protect our nation’s agricultural health and natural resources.

Electronic Waste

Secure product destruction for electronic waste is a critical process for organizations to destroy any electronics that may contain sensitive information. Our secure destruction process handles electronic waste such as hard drives, computers, phones, and more to safely destroy the waste so that any data on the electronics cannot be recovered. Crystal Clean’s nationwide network of branches can collect electronic waste from facilities across the United States for secure product destruction.

Counterfeit & Contraband Materials

When counterfeit and contraband materials are collected, they need to be safely destroyed to protect consumers from fraudulent items. Crystal Clean has the capabilities to secure destroy these materials, providing certified destruction documents ensuring that these items are destroyed.

Highlighted Industries

Crystal Clean’s waste disposal services are suited for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including:

Food & Beverage

No matter where food comes from, it must be processed in a safe way. Crystal Clean offers the full suite of environmental services needed for food & beverage companies to operate safely.

Equipment & Vehicle Manufacturers

The quality of your machines matter, and so does the environmental services you receive. Crystal Clean offers a wide range of environmental services needed by manufacturers.

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