Car Wash Waste Management & Environmental Services

Keep Your Car Wash Running Clean

When customers drive into your car wash, they expect a fast and clean experience. Pits and trenches are a critical piece of a car wash’s operations, so selecting the right service provider is crucial. Crystal Clean’s car wash cleaning program is focused on optimizing your uptime through proactively managing all solids, sludges, and liquid wastestreams to stop problems before they happen, with after hours service to keep your business running. 

Program Highlights

A Partner You Can Trust

When Crystal Clean’s team of highly skilled sales and service representatives pull up to your car wash, you know you have a team you can trust coming to provide you service. We are committed to ensuring jobs are done fast while maintaining the highest level of safety. We will partner with you to build a program that fits your specific needs. Whether it’s routine service or emergency cleanup, our team is here for you.

We don’t skip any steps when it comes to proper pit and trench cleaning. We’ll safely manage the cleaning process from start to finish with minimal downtime, leaving you a cleaned-out system ready for use. Our preventative maintenance means less unplanned downtime for you due to equipment malfunctions.

Program Outline

Our initial service includes a full cleaning of the entire separator system, by pumping out sludge, liquids, and other waste from sums, trenches, and drain lines to make sure your car wash is running at full capacity. Then, we will create a custom maintenance schedule based on your operations for our team to regularly visit your car wash to pump out trenches and pits. Our program will keep your car wash clean and running at it’s best, and our team also offers consultation and feedback on how you can improve your operations and maximize your uptime.

Nationwide Network, Personalized Service

Crystal Clean operates more than 120 service branches, industrial services facilities, and waste recovery centers serving the continental United States. It’s waste recovery centers include an oil re-refinery, multiple wastewater treatment and non-hazardous waste processing facilities, several antifreeze recovery centers, and a hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facility.

Our national network allows us to provide effective and environmentally conscious solutions that make a difference for our customers, with personalized service from our team of sales and service representatives. No matter where you are, our team is ready to serve you.

We Are Here For You

Let us know how we can meet your service needs.