Parts Cleaning Reuse and Non-Hazardous Program

The Better Way of Waste Disposal

Crystal Clean’s Solvent Parts Cleaning service is part of our Reuse and Non-Hazardous programs, resulting in true waste minimization which aligns with our vision and is encouraged by the EPA and other environmental groups.

Reuse Program

Through the Reuse Program, we provide top quality, low flash solvent during our regularly scheduled visits and remove the used solvent as a product, not a waste. The used solvent is utilized as an ingredient for non-land applied construction materials, such as asphalt roofing.

This unique approach provides substantial environmental benefits for our customers compared to traditional waste disposal. The Crystal Clean Reuse Program reduces the amount of hazardous waste generated, thereby reducing manifesting and other regulatory requirements.

Non-Hazardous Program

Crystal Clean’s Non-Hazardous Program provides customers with premium high flashpoint, low odor mineral spirits and the removal and management of the used mineral spirts as non-hazardous waste. The used solvent is recycled and distilled in the solvent distillation column located at our state-of-the-art oil re-refinery. The solvent is separated into high-quality mineral spirits and overhead fuel for manufacturing processes. This helps create a safer, environmentally friendly workplace that results in cost savings and reduced paperwork.