PFAS Wastewater and Landfill Leachate

Crystal Clean is One of the Environmental Leaders Solving the Problem of PFAS With Sustainable Solutions

One Complete Solution to Remove and Destroy PFAS from Contaminated Waters

Contaminated waters are one of the most common sources of PFAS in the environment, and emerging regulations are bringing to light the scope of the PFAS problem. Crystal Clean has invested resources to be on the frontlines to defeat the problem of PFAS.

PFAS contaminated waters can come from several different sources and require a level of expertise to safely manage. Crystal Clean has the background needed to help guide you through the process of testing, transportation, and determining the proper disposal method to meet your business and sustainability goals.

4never™ is Crystal Clean’s closed-loop PFAS remediation solution that removes and destroys PFAS from contaminated waters. Crystal Clean has partnered with leading technology providers across the globe to implement a turnkey solution to separate, concentrate, and destroy PFAS. After the PFAS has been destroyed, you’ll receive a report documenting the PFAS removal and destruction. 4never™ is a solution exclusive to landfill and industrial waste management markets.

Common Sources of PFAS Contaminated Waters Crystal Clean is prepared to handle include:

PFAS Contaminated Landfill Leachate

Over decades, landfills have received many waste streams that contain PFAS. Due to their nature as forever chemicals, PFAS never broke down in landfills and have caused contamination levels to continue growing. This has led to high levels of PFAS detected in landfill leachates, which require effective pre-treatment to properly separate and destroy. Crystal Clean has the expertise you need to help manage this complex waste stream, effectively removing and destroying PFAS from landfill leachate and leaving treated water prepared for discharge.

PFAS Contaminated Wastewaters

Many industrial sites and wastewater facilities have discovered PFAS in. Studies from EWG estimate that more than 40,000 sites in the USA are suspected of using or being a source of PFAS contamination in wastewaters. With growing health concerns and increasing regulations, you need a proven, sustainable solution to PFAS now more than ever. Crystal Clean is a leader in the environmental industry with a nationwide network of service facilities and waste treatment plants ready to solve your problem of PFAS. Our team has the expertise needed to help meet your goals.

PFAS Contaminated Surface Water

Due to their durable nature, PFAS contamination is easily found in surface waters. They move as part of the water and may lead to risks in the local ecosystem, including local wildlife and humans. Having a solution ready to address and sources of PFAS contaminated surface waters is vital to protect the environment, and Crystal Clean is one of the leaders in the environmental industry with a turnkey solution to safely destroy PFAS from contaminated surface waters.

PFAS Contaminated Groundwaters

Groundwaters are an important water source for our communities. Unfortunately, the durable nature of PFAS chemicals make them a growing concern that can easily contaminate groundwaters at sites where PFAS was used, spilled, or discharged. Protecting the environment from PFAS has never been more important, and Crystal Clean is prepared to help you safely manage any PFAS contaminated groundwaters.

Highlighted Industries

Crystal Clean’s PFAS remediation services are suited for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including:

Chemical Manufacturing

When working with chemicals, protecting your business and environment is of the utmost importance. Crystal Clean offers the precise environmental services you can rely on to properly manage and dispose your waste.

Specialty Applications

Your business is unique, and you need the right environmental services designed for your needs. Crystal Clean offers the environmental services you can rely on to support your business.

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