Solvent Parts Washers

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Crystal Clean’s non-hazardous solvent parts washers program provides state-of-the-art solvent parts washers, premium high flashpoint, low odor mineral spirits, and the removal & management of the used mineral spirits as non-hazardous waste. Our hallmark parts washer services include regular scheduled service and cleaning solution refill intervals from professional staff trained in the proper identification and management of parts washers to ensure you have the proper machine and chemistries best suited for your unique application. With competitive pricing and custom designed equipment available, your peace of mind is our priority when we take care of your waste. Our solvent chemistries are part of our Reuse and Non-Hazardous programs, which results in true waste minimization as encouraged by the EPA and other environmental groups

Solvent Drum Mount Unit
Low Profile Brake Cleaner Unit
Adjustable Solvent Mobile Unit
35 Gallon Tank Unit
45 Gallon Tank Unit
Low Profile Brake Cleaner Unit
80 Gallon Agitation Unit
150 Gallon Agitation Unit

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