Permanently Remove PFAS from Contaminated Waters  

4never™ PFAS Remediation

Combining SAFF® and PFAS Annihilator™ for a closed-loop PFAS solution

4never™ is the first closed-loop PFAS remediation solution for the landfill and industrial waste management markets. Crystal Clean is the exclusive distributor and operator of 4never™ to the private landfill and industrial waste treatment markets, serving clients through its nationwide network of branches and waste treatment facilities. 4never™ unites the PFAS remediation steps of separation, concentration, transportation, and destruction, to provide an effective and environmentally responsible solution for landfill operators and the industrial market. 

4never™ combines the power of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology, exclusively distributed by Allonnia in North America and manufactured by EPOC Enviro, with Revive Environmental’s PFAS Annihilator to provide a local, scalable, closed-loop solution to remove and permanently destroy PFAS. 4never™’s solution is localized. First, a SAFF® unit is placed onsite at a customer’s facility to separate and concentrate PFAS from their wastewater. Then, the concentrate is transported offsite to a central facility where it is destroyed through the PFAS Annihilator. Finally, after PFAS has been destroyed, we provide a report documenting the PFAS removal and destruction to your team.

Relevant Services

Waste collected from the following Crystal Clean services have the ability to be disposed using 4never™.