Permanently Remove PFAS from Contaminated Waters  

4never™ PFAS Remediation

Solving the Problem of PFAS

4never™ is the first closed-loop PFAS remediation solution for the landfill and industrial waste management markets. Crystal Clean is the exclusive distributor and operator of 4never™ to the private landfill and industrial waste treatment markets, serving clients through its nationwide network of branches and waste treatment facilities. 4never™ unites the PFAS remediation steps of separation, concentration, transportation, and destruction, to provide an effective and environmentally responsible solution for landfill operators and the industrial market. 

4never™ combines the power of Surface Active Foam Fractionation (SAFF®) technology, exclusively distributed by Allonnia in North America and manufactured by EPOC Enviro, with proven and emerging PFAS remediation technologies to provide a local, scalable, closed-loop solution to remove and permanently destroy PFAS. 4never™’s solution is localized. It begins with a SAFF® unit provided and serviced by Crystal Clean. The SAFF® unit will separate the target PFAS contaminants from the leachate or wastewater and generate a hyper-concentrated PFAS waste stream. Crystal Clean destroys the PFAS using proven and emerging technologies, specific to your sustainability and business goals. Crystal Clean is responsible for mobilizing and operating the SAFF® technology on-site, then transporting the PFAS hyper-concentrate to centralized facilities for destruction. Finally, after PFAS has been destroyed, we provide a report documenting the PFAS removal and destruction to your team.

Relevant Services

Waste collected from the following Crystal Clean services have the ability to be disposed using 4never™.