Generating Clean Water  

Wastewater Treatment

40+ Million Gallons of Wastewater Treated Annually

When water is contaminated with waste, it can become harmful if it is release back into the environment. Advancements in modern technology have created ways to safely treat wastewater to remove waste and generate clean water that can be put back into waterways.

Crystal Clean operates several state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities throughout North America to ensure cost-effective, environmentally sound disposal and treatment of waste waters. Our fleet of vacuum trucks collect millions of gallons of contaminated waters annually, helping protect the environment and preserve our lakes, streams and oceans.

Waste Water Treatment Process


Professional Crystal Clean representatives collect waste waters from generators which are then transported to a regional waste water treatment facility.


The waste water is sent through an oil/water separator and a coagulation agent is introduced, causing contaminates such as oils, heavy metals and low-level organics to gather and settle at the bottom of the waste water tank.


The gathered contaminates are transformed into a solid state using a solidification or chemical binding agent and  then removed from the waste water.


The waste water is tested and treated to adjust it to a neutral pH level so that it is safe for the environment and for consumption.


The treated water is sent to a POTW (publicly owned treatment works), where it goes through additional treatment and is then discharged into public waterways.

Relevant Services

Waste collected from the following services have the ability to be disposed using Crystal Clean’s wastewater treatment capabilities.