Health & Safety

Our Approach: Own Your Safety

At Crystal Clean, protecting our employees, customers, and others is of the utmost importance. Our goal is to give every employee the knowledge, capability, and personal responsibility to work safely every day. We promote this culture of safety by:

  • Educating employees through a customized online training platform and manager-led safety meetings where recent incidents, near misses, and relevant topics are discussed.
  • Engaging employees through our safe behavior program that promotes identification and reporting of workplace hazards at our facilities, in our trucks, at customer locations, and within the community so concerns can be promptly addressed.
  • Empowering employees to use their Stop Work Authority if they believe a work process or environment is unsafe.

Over the past six years, we have seen a progressive reduction in annual Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of approximately 50%. We remain focused on developing strategies that give employees the knowledge and tools to work safely every day.

By focusing on safety, our dedicated employees are able to deliver the highest level of environmental services while maintaining a hazard-free environment for our customers and the communities we work in.

We also hire with safety in mind. Our stringent driver qualification process that ensures we send reliable, well-qualified employees to our customers’ businesses. Our training and driver safety programs further guarantee we protect the well-being of our drivers, customers, and communities while on the road.

Our strong safe driving culture is reinforced by our “Safe Driver Pledge”, in which employees annually pledge to operate their vehicles safely on and off the road. This initial and routine, ongoing safety training ensures that your waste materials are in good hands. We are committed to minimizing risks on the road and in the communities that we live and work.

Crystal Clean is committed to ensuring that all employees return home safely to their friends and family at the end of the day.