Parts Washer Solvents & Chemistries

Cleaning Solutions Prepared to Tackle the Toughest Jobs.

Crystal Clean offers high-quality aqueous and solvent chemistries which utilize the newest technologies to formulate solutions for a diverse range of applications to ensure effective cleaning. Our line of chemistries has the ability to attack any soil, including grease, paint, carbon, and more. Crystal Clean’s experienced staff are prepared to help identify the cleaning solution that will best meet your specific needs.

Aqueous Chemistries

Crystal Clean’s proprietary Mirachem line of aqueous chemistries are environmentally friendly, water-based cleaning solutions formulated to clean everything from grease, oils, inks, paint, and more. Some of the benefits of aqueous cleaning solutions include improved safety, reduced tool wear, lower disposal costs, and more.

Rust & Scale Remover
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution
Low Foam Cleaner & Degreaser
Advanced Cleaning Solution
Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Automated Washers
Heavy Duty Cleaner for Automated Washers
Formulated for High-Quality Cleaning of Pressroom Equipment
Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Pressure Washers
Heavy Duty Carbon Remover
Low Foam, No-VOC Cleaner & Degreaser
Low Foam, Low Temperature Spray Cleaner
Newspaper Pressroom & Maintenance Cleaner
Water Based Ink Remover
Waterborne Paint Gun Cleaner
Paint Stripper for Multi-Metals
Multi-Purpose Cleaner for Ultrasonic Washers

Solvent Chemistries

Crystal Clean’s solvent chemistries are formulated to clean everything from grease, oils, and other soils. All solvents are manufactured to meet industry standards and provide exceptional cleaning performance.

Our solvent chemistries are part of our Reuse and Non-Hazardous programs, which results in true waste minimization as encouraged by the EPA and other environmental groups.

Multi-Purpose, Low-Flashpoint Solvent
High-Quality, Non-Hazardous Solvent
Petroleum-Based Solvent
Premium Solvent for High-Performance Applications
Solvent Designed for Paint Gun Cleaning
Solvent Engineered for Immersion Cleaning
Solvent Engineered for Brake Cleaning

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