Closed Loop Antifreeze Reclamation  

Antifreeze Recycling and Recovery

3.7+ Million Gallons of Spent Antifreeze Recovered Annually

When antifreeze is spent, its life doesn’t need to end with disposal. Thanks to developments in modern technology, antifreeze recovery has become a cost-effective, environmentally- sustainable solution many companies take advantage of in their supply chain to recycle and reuse their antifreeze.

Crystal Clean operates several specialized Antifreeze Recovery Centers as it continues to establish itself as one of the largest antifreeze recyclers in North America. Our antifreeze recovery process is performed through the safe pre-treatment, distillation, and recovery of the ethylene glycol from used antifreeze to produce new antifreeze and heat transfer products, creating a closed loop distribution and recovery process that is a positive addition to any generator’s sustainability initiatives.

Antifreeze Recovery Process


Professional Crystal Clean representatives collect used antifreeze from generators following EPA, DOT and local regulations. The antifreeze is then consolidated and sent to one of Crystal Clean’s regional Antifreeze Recovery Centers.


The used antifreeze is run through a pre-treatment process to remove contaminates, separating the oils, solids and antifreeze from one another.


The used antifreeze is then sent through a distillation process, separating the water and glycol from one another. The separated oils, solids, water and other contaminates are pulled out and sent out for disposal via a waste-to-energy method or secure landfill disposal.


The distilled glycol is reclaimed into a 50/50 antifreeze product. Additives are blended into the new antifreeze and it is prepared for resale.


The newly formulated product, made with recovered ethylene glycol, is delivered to customers through Crystal Clean’s nationwide hub network, creating a closed loop collection, recovery and distribution process.

Relevant Services

Waste collected from the following services have the ability to be disposed using Crystal Clean’s antifreeze recovery capabilities.