Industrial Decontamination Services

Our technical services team has the expertise to handle decontamination jobs from small laboratories to large industrial facilities. Whether you need service now or are looking for a partner to have on call, we’re here for you.

Turnkey Services Committed to Service and Safety

When you need decontamination services, you need an environmental partner who delivers the complete results you expect while minimizing downtime so that your operations are not impacted. With our network of branches, Crystal Clean’s technical services team is ready to serve you with a responsive and quick turnaround time.

Our decontamination services are specialized for industrial and laboratory spaces, and our team handles all steps of the decontamination process from the moment we walk in the door to when we provide you a final report. From hazardous material cleanup to industrial-grade disinfection, we have the expertise and resources to tackle decontamination projects of any size.

Our environmental technicians will devise work plans based on client scope of work and historical site use. The first step is to perform a site assessment to identify the full scope of the project and associated hazardous. After careful planning and preparation, the decontamination job begins, with our skilled professionals using specialized equipment to thoroughly decontaminate the area. After decontamination, our team will verify the job was completed successful through confirmation sampling and will provide a final report on closure.

Crystal Clean designs these projects in accordance with the American Industrial Hygiene Association.  Protocols include work plans, sampling and analysis plans, health and safety plans, quality control plans, and waste management plans. Crystal Clean is the reliable partner to trust for decontamination services, and we’re here to support you through every step of the process.

Examples of Our Decontamination Services Include:

  • Cleaning and decontaminating all surfaces
  • Removal of tenant improvements, such as fume hoods, eye wash stations, plumbing, roof patching, drywall, and electrical
  • Removal and repurposing of benches, casements, equipment, and fume hoods
  • Dismantling of tanks and associated plumbing from processing areas
  • Disposal of unwanted chemistries, such as corrosives and flammables
  • Removal of contaminated room surfaces

Highlighted Industries

Crystal Clean’s decontamination services are suited for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including:

Chemical Manufacturing

When working with chemicals, protecting your business and environment is of the utmost importance. Crystal Clean offers the precise environmental services you can rely on to properly manage and dispose your waste.

Food & Beverage

No matter where food comes from, it must be processed in a safe way. Crystal Clean offers the full suite of environmental services needed for food & beverage companies to operate safely.

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