Employee Spotlight – Patrick Lacy

March 14, 2023

Crystal Clean is a fast-growing company and this is because of each employee’s commitment to service, excellence, and the environment every day. The Crystal Clean team has the grit and drive to meet the needs of all customers, and Patrick Lacy is the perfect example of what we’re all about at Crystal Clean.

Patrick is an Antifreeze Sales and Service Representative (AFSR) at Crystal Clean’s Tulsa branch, and he has been with the company since 2019. In just a few years, Patrick has grown the Tulsa antifreeze program into one of the largest antifreeze programs in the company. With more than 2,000 service stops performed in 2022, it’s no surprise that he is coming off his best year yet.

Patrick broke revenue records as the top AFSR in 2022, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down for 2023! When asked about what has helped him reach this goal and grow his customer base, he shared that it ultimately comes down to excellence in customer service.

“I always tell my customers that whatever they need, I’ll get it there,” said Patrick. “Whether it’s antifreeze or another one of our services, I do my best to find the right solution that meets their needs or find someone that will be able to help. When you go above and beyond for your customer they notice and become even more committed to working with you in the future. You become their go-to person to call when they need help.”

This mindset of excellence has led to Patrick receiving plenty of referrals from customers to new businesses that has helped him grow the antifreeze program significantly since he started at Crystal Clean. Managing time well is another area that has helped Patrick juggle scheduled service stops with stops at additional businesses to go win new customers. Each night he reviews his list of stops for the next day to plan out his route. When he’s with customers, he strikes the perfect balance of building relationships while still moving to make sure he stops everywhere he plans to that day.

Patrick is also very passionate about putting safety first and lives out Crystal Clean’s mindset to “Own Your Safety” each day on the job. Before his time at Crystal Clean, Patrick spent many years in the oil industry doing pipeline maintenance. Doing jobs safely and being proactive to prevent accidents is part of his daily routine.

“Even the little details about safety are important,” Patrick shared. “I take time to inspect my truck during the day at different stops to catch possible problems before they become an actual problem.”

When you’re at the Tulsa branch, you can see Patrick having conversations with his co-workers about safety on the job and sharing leads for other lines of business. The teamwork between everyone is something that Tulsa Branch Manager Gregory Else is particularly proud of, and he sees Patrick as a big piece of this.

“Patrick has been an amazing person to have at the branch,” Gregory shared. “Since he joined the branch in 2019, I’ve seen him do so much amazing work and continually exceed expectations each day that fires up everyone here. He’s a passionate, easy-going guy who has helped grow both his business and the business of other reps here.”

The teamwork goes both ways, and Patrick has felt supported by his team and management whenever he needs help. He also recalled conversations he’s had with the company’s leadership team and shared how hearing their passion for what Crystal Clean does got him fired up and fully engaged working for the company. That passion and teamwork is everywhere throughout the company and Patrick has plenty of stories of it in action.

There was one time where the antifreeze truck I was driving had mechanical issues and needed to go into the shop,” he shared. “I could’ve lost multiple days of work without a truck, but I got a call from my manager and he had a plan to keep me on the road. He went out of his way overnight to drive an antifreeze truck from another branch to Tulsa, just so I wouldn’t have too many days of downtime while my truck was in the shop.”

Experiences like these are what Patrick looks forward to, and he’s excited for what’s ahead at Crystal Clean. As the company continues to grow, he sees plenty of opportunities for growth in the future for himself and anyone who joins the company. “Crystal Clean gives people the tools to succeed and there’s plenty of opportunities for growth. We’ve got the right people to help with any questions a new employee has, and everybody is willing to pitch in when you need help. People see the potential you have and put in the work to help you succeed. I feel like I’m one of the luckiest guys I know and am proud to be part of the Crystal Clean team.”