Employee Spotlight – Eddie Sands

June 3, 2024

In charge of our Rochester Branch is none other than Branch Manager Eddie Sands. He is an environmental services expert backed by over 40 years of industry experience, with the past 17 years spent at Crystal Clean. He is a dedicated manager, devoted to supporting his team and setting them up for success careers that in turn benefit our customers.

Running a Crystal Clean branch isn’t always smooth sailing, but the challenge is part of what Eddie loves about the job. Eddie has run into his fair share of obstacles in his time and each experience has helped him become who he is today. His time at Crystal Clean began with the grand opening of our Rochester branch. With his prior experience in the field, he was the perfect fit for overseeing the success of this new service branch. Our Rochester location only had one truck with two employees when it opened, one of them being Eddie. Compared to where the branch is at today, it has come a long way. Now with eight trucks and 10 employees, there has been plenty of growth and success due to Eddie’s leadership.

His best advice is that regardless of whatever goes wrong, the best thing you can do is remain positive and focus on ways you can still achieve your goal for the day. In addition to this, a message he would want to send to new sales and service representatives is that Crystal Clean is going to give you all the tools you need to achieve success, but in the end, it is going to be your own drive that will ultimately decide the fate of your career.

When asked his thoughts on Eddie Sands, Crystal Clean’s Divisional VP of Sales, Ed Guglielmi, had this to say.

“When I think of Eddie Sands, three of Crystal Clean’s values come to mind: honesty, respect, and accountability. Eddie is a true leader, never afraid to do something himself that he would ask his employees to do. He is always professional, positive, and delivers results. I wouldn’t want anyone else in charge of the Rochester Branch”.

At the end of each day, Eddie does some self-reflection to see if there was anything he could have done better or differently. No one is perfect, but Eddie says that doesn’t mean you can’t try to be. Eddie prides himself on his ability to form and guide a team. With playing baseball in high school and throughout college, he has developed many team building skills and utilizes them daily in order to run his branch to the best of his ability.

“Eddie Sands is the ultimate teacher when it comes to his team. He is fully dedicated to making his team successful in all they do. I would love to have 20 more people like Eddie in my region,” said Regional Manager Gregg Diamond when asked about Eddie.

To run his team to the best of their ability, Eddie focuses on promoting safety within his branch. Eddie stated, “We don’t have a full bench of backups for our employees, it’s important everyone focuses on safety for their own sake, the company’s sake, and the customer’s sake”. Over the years he has earned multiple safety awards at Crystal Clean. These awards hold a large importance to Eddie as they show his commitment to Crystal Clean’s value of safety.

Another value that is important to Eddie is accountability. It’s an important value he looks for in each of his employees. It’s important to have faith in your team and that’s where this value comes into play.

“If every team member focuses on being accountable then success is bound to follow,” Eddie shared. At Crystal Clean each employee must hold themselves accountable to ensure that the services they provide are in line with our quality of standards.

Looking at what motivates Eddie to wake up and go to work takes us more into his life outside of work. Eddie says his motivation and drive to do his best everyday regardless of the obstacles comes from his wife Christine. “I wouldn’t have been doing this as long as I have if it weren’t for her by my side,” said Eddie. He has 4 children that he is very proud of. They are all grown up and out living their lives with families of their own.

Throughout his tenure at Crystal Clean, Eddie has proved himself to be a dependable asset. He has formed many friendships throughout the company and is known for his can-do attitude. There is a clear passion from Eddie when it comes to providing our customers with the best service possible. He is truly fit for his role as a leader for the Rochester branch and hope to see more success follow Eddie for years to come.