Employee Spotlight – Chuck Sizemore

November 29, 2023

As an environmental services company, one of Crystal Clean’s top priorities is to deliver services that promote safety and sustainability. A major piece of the puzzle is the importance of knowing the type of materials that are being collected, how to properly classify them, knowing what regulations apply, and ultimately what is the proper way to manage the waste.

A large part of Crystal Clean’s operations rely on the waste approvals process to ensure the safety of our employees and the environment through proper compliance. That’s where Crystal Clean’s Waste Approvals department comes in, led by Chuck Sizemore. As the Waste Approvals Manager, safety is a top priority for Chuck, stemming from his background in chemistry and a passion for compliance. He is dedicated to helping the field stay safe and ensuring the company is in compliance with regulations.

Chuck has worked in the environmental services industry for more than a decade and is a dedicated member of the Crystal Clean team that is making his mark in the EHS department at our corporate office in Hoffman Estates. Chuck’s journey at Crystal Clean has been nothing short of remarkable. Here’s an insight into his experiences and insights, shedding light on his career path, daily routine, and his perspective on life inside and outside of work.

Chuck initially joined Crystal Clean in the spring of 2007. Although he took a brief hiatus in 2015 to move to the Coachella Valley in California, he rejoined the team in 2018, demonstrating his strong commitment to the industry.

When Chuck started with Crystal Clean in 2007, the company was still in its early stages and the Waste Approvals department was a small team handling various responsibilities. Chuck had to wear many hats, working on approvals, permitting, reporting, and even renewing emissions for AFS vans. As the company grew over the years, his role evolved into the manager of the Waste Approvals department, taking on numerous challenges that came with the position.

A typical day for Chuck involves handling requests from the field to ensure everyone’s safety and compliance. He works with an impressive team that comes from various backgrounds relating to the environmental industry. His team plays a key role in keeping the company in compliance with EPA, DOT, and OSHA regulations. The waste approvals team helps keep Crystal Clean in compliance from the time materials are picked up from a customer, during transportation, while it’s in our facilities, and to the end processing site.

“Chuck has done an excellent job of leading his team towards success and promoting the importance of compliance and how it impacts the safety of those in the field,” shared Anita Decina, Crystal Clean’s VP of Operational, Safety & Environmental Excellence. “His team supports our sales force every day, answering emails and phone calls to help them maintain compliance and provide customers the service and excellence Crystal Clean is known for.”

Chuck thrives on problem-solving and finds that his ability to explain complex processes is a key trait that has contributed to his success. He encourages his team and coworkers to ask questions and believes that communication is essential for learning and improvement.          

When asked about what keeps his team working together so efficiently, Chuck shared this insight. “I encourage my group to ask questions. Not just to me, but to coworkers as well. You can learn from anyone by asking questions.”

The Waste Approvals department plays a critical role for Crystal Clean’s entire field sales and service staff. Chuck’s team has a vital role in ensuring proper waste characterization, disposal categorization, and routing. They also help with technical support, making the profiling process more manageable for the field staff and beneficial for customers.

“There are many people counting on the Waste Approvals department each day at Crystal Clean, and I want to help as many of them as I can” shared Chuck when on the topic of his team’s duty towards the field.

Chuck enjoys the puzzle-solving aspect of the waste approvals process, where each waste stream presents a unique challenge to address. As a manager, he fosters teamwork, encourages his team to discuss work issues with colleagues, and emphasizes the importance of collaborative decision-making. Chuck lives out Crystal Clean’s values by forming strong relationships to ensure effective teamwork. He believes that everyone’s ability to work together will lead to our success.

Outside of work, Chuck has a rich family life, with a wife and two young children, along with a dog and a couple of parakeets. He’s a man of diverse interests, holding three chemistry degrees with a minor in medieval studies.

Looking ahead, Chuck is excited to watch Crystal Clean continue expanding its capabilities as the company grows, allowing it to consistently exceed the needs and expectations of customers. Chuck’s dedication, problem-solving skills, and commitment to safety make him a valuable member of Crystal Clean, and he looks forward to continuing his journey with the company.