Employee Spotlight – Courtney George

March 8, 2024

Located in the bustling city of Fort Worth, Texas you will find Courtney George. She is a Sales and Service Representative (SSR) with a contagious amount of charisma and became a proud member of the Crystal Clean team in 2021. Behind her, you’ll see an impressive trail of success that shows she has a promising future with Crystal Clean.

Courtney started her journey at Crystal Clean as a Branch Clerical in Dallas until she made the transition to become an SSR in Fort Worth. Her reasoning to wanting to become an SSR stems from her desire to help the people around her.  She prides herself at work by seeing how much of a positive impact she can leave when visiting the customers on her routes. Maintaining a strong drive for a task regardless of its size is just one of the traits that Courtney has that leaves Crystal Clean’s customers more than satisfied with the service they receive.

“She always impressed me with her professionalism dealing with customers” shared Todd Rohde, Divisional Vice President. “The way she supported customers as a Branch Clerical made her a perfect fit to be someone out in the field working face-to-face with our customers.”

Courtney lives out many of Crystal Clean’s values every day. Some of the most notable that make an impact in her day-to-day activities are accountability, respect, and safety. Being accountable is crucial for the environmental industry. Managing customer waste streams is something that our SSR’s deal with every day.  Once this waste is moved onto our trucks it becomes our responsibility and the accountability of our employees is what ensures the waste is properly managed.

Courtney stated, “You have to be accountable for your route and the image you present. From start to finish, we represent Crystal Clean through ourselves and our work”.

Respect is a value she holds in high regard as she always wants to help make people’s days better whenever possible. She said, “It is important to respect your coworkers, customers and the company itself”.

What might be the most important value to Courtney is safety. Safety is what ensures each person on the job gets to go home in good health. Courtney brought up how there are multiple safety checks in the SSR position that are there to keep employees and the environment safe.

She stays sharp by setting up challenges for herself that she has witnessed other SSR’s experience so that when the time comes, she’s prepared and ready. One of the notable milestones Courtney accomplished as her first steps to becoming an SSR was completing her CDL courses, as well as tanker and hazmat endorsements.  Courtney has a strong desire to want to succeed at any task and finds joy in making people’s lives easier, which made her a perfect fit for a Crystal Clean SSR.

“One of the things that has impressed me the most about Courtney is her attitude.  She has a very upbeat demeanor which is contagious,” said Fort Worth’s Branch Manager, Toby Knight when asked about Courtney. He went on to say, “She has meshed with our group well in Fort Worth and we are all proud to have her on the team.”

When asked her thoughts on the direction of Crystal Clean for the next 10 years Courtney said, “I hope to see the company expand and have more ownership of the waste facilities we use”.

Outside of work, Courtney enjoys spending time out with her friends and family gatherings with her siblings. She also has a 22-year-old son who she is very proud of and eager to see him succeed. She is also an avid fan of basketball and football. Her favorite teams are the LA Clippers and the LA Raiders and appreciates the chance to see them when they play in Texas.

What many people might not know about Courtney is that she has a background in construction. She was a professional electrician for over 2 years until she decided to move to a career path that enabled her to fulfill her passion for helping others.

When asked about her dream job within the company, Courtney expressed an interest in Human Resources, citing the opportunity to work closely with people as her motivation. It is clear to everyone who meets Courtney that she is a people person and would be suited to any position where she is able to help others.

Courtney has a great set of values and a drive to want to improve that contributes to her success as a Crystal Clean SSR. Her outgoing personality is a valuable tool when it comes to providing exceptional service to our customers. We are glad to have someone like her on our team and feel confident that she will continue to impress others throughout her Crystal Clean career.