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Parts Washer Services

Our hallmark service, Parts Cleaning, is based on an awareness that our customers need to clean dirty parts but they don’t wish to generate hazardous waste. To address this, we have designed solvent & aqueous based parts washer programs to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace. 

Ultrasonic Parts Washer

Do More With Less

Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC (HCC) has a new, automated ultrasonic parts cleaner designed for in-depth precision cleaning of dirty parts in an environmentally friendly process. This programmable, high efficiency cleaner takes what once were hours-long, labor intensive cleaning efforts and speeds up the process to take as little as 15 minutes.

Crystal-Clean Ultrasonic Parts Washer Details

  • Automated, High Efficiency Parts Cleaner
  • Precision Cleaning for Small and Large Parts
  • Simple to Use, Minimal Training Required
  • Safer, Environmentally Friendly Cleaning
  • Utilizes Ultrasonic Vibrations to Break Down Contamination at the Molecular Level
  • High Speed Agitation Allows an Aqueous Solution to Clean Every Inch of a Part
Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

Solvent Parts Washers

CRYSTAL CLEAN’s Non-Hazardous Program provides our customers with premium high flashpoint, low odor mineral spirits and removal & management of the used mineral spirits as non-hazardous waste.

Crystal-Clean Solvent Parts Washer Service Details

  • Virgin Solvent At Every Change-out
    (Low Flashpoint Solvent)
  • Rented Unit Or Service Of
    Customer-owned Machines
  • On-time Regularly Scheduled Service
  • Complete Machine Service And Maintenance By A Qualified Trained Representative
  • 100% Replacement Of Solvent
    At Each Service (Ask About Our
    Rent-only & Top-off Service Options)
  • Proper Management Of Used Solvent
  • Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Waste Will Be Handled Safely And Responsibly By An Experienced Leader In Parts Cleaning Services
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Custom Designed Equipment Available
  • Certificate Of Assurance

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Aqueous Parts Washers

Using Mirachem cleaning aqueous solutions, our water based parts washers incorporate the newest technologies for safe and effective cleaning options you can rely on.

Crystal-Clean Aqueous Parts Washer Service Details

  • New aqueous cleaning solution with every service
  • Rental machines or Service of customer-owned units
  • On-time scheduled service
  • Complete machine service and maintenance by a qualified trained representative
  • 100% replacement of cleaning solution at each service (*Ask about our machine-only & top-off service options)
  • Proper identification and management
  • Peace of mind
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom designed equipment available
  • Most Crystal Clean models are Stainless Steel

We Can Service Your Machine!

If you already own a parts washer, but don’t wish to deal with the various issues associated with servicing the equipment (e.g. labor, procurement, waste management, etc.) then let CRYSTAL CLEAN wash those worries away. CRYSTAL CLEAN’S Customer Owned Machine Service (COMS) program is especially designed for today’s lean operations. No matter the size or shape of your machine, CRYSTAL CLEAN stands ready to provide the same turnkey service offered with our leased equipment on your customer owned machine.

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