Aqueous Chemistries

Mirachem QX 310

Low Foam, Low Temperature Spray Cleaner

Mirachem® QX-310 Low Temp Spray Cleaner is a low foam, low temperature product designed for combination and spray parts cleaning units where the parts being cleaned should not be exposed to elevated temperature. This cleaner / degreaser is designed for use in temperatures as low as 85ºF. QX-310 delivers Mirachem performance and safety in a versatile, cost-effective product. It removes organic soils such as oil and grease from ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as other surfaces. QX-310 is designed for use in spray cabinets and combination units.

Soils Cleaned

Dirt & GrimeGrease, Oil, & Lubricant Fuel
CarbonOrganic – Plant/Animal Matter

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