Aqueous Chemistries

Mirachem Pressroom Cleaner

Formulated for High-Quality Cleaning of Pressroom Equipment

Mirachem® Pressroom Cleaner is a water-based cleaner developed to remove ink and other organic soils in newspaper, lithographic, and flexographic pressrooms. The product can be used to quickly and easily clean inks from printing equipment and tools, including blankets, anilox rolls, rails, spray bars, pans, trays, gates, and mist guards, and has been engineered for use in high-volume printing operations to remove water, solvent, or soy-based inks.

Pressroom Cleaner can be used in multiple on and off press cleaning applications, including blanket and roller washing, press maintenance and rebuilding, parts washing, and general cleaning, and can be used in several cleaning methods including manual parts washing, agitation equipment, and hand wipe.

Soils Cleaned

Ink – Flexo/water-Based/UV & EBInk – Offset/Newspaper
Ink – PlastisolInk – Letterpress

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