Solvents & Chemistries

Mirachem Alkaline Powder HD

Heavy Duty Cleaner for Automated Washers

Mirachem® Alkaline Powder HD is a heavy-duty cleaner / degreaser designed specifically for use in automated spray cleaning equipment, including front- and top-loaded cabinet washers and pass thru units. This safe and effective powder formulation allows for cleaning of tough organic soils from most surfaces, including, when used properly, aluminum and other sensitive metals.

Mirachem Alkaline Powder HD’s powerful cleaning technology does not foam, making it ideal for equipment that operates at high spray pressure, with limited reservoir headspace, variable temperature or other factors that promote excessive foaming. This long-lasting product is a low-VOC cleaner, and is an excellent alternative to caustic chemistries that are prone to generating white, alkaline buildup.

Soils Cleaned

Dirt & GrimeGrease, Oil, & Lubricant Fuel
CarbonOrganic – Plant/Animal Matter

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