Antifreeze / Coolant

Heavy Duty Global Antifreeze

Nitrate-Free OAT Extended Life Antifreeze / Coolant

Crystal Clean Heavy Duty Global is an OAT (organic acid technology), extended life antifreeze designed for mixed fleet use. This is a premium product specifically designed to protect aluminum alloys being used in today’s high-performance cooling systems. It is formulated to provide superior corrosion protection and durability under the more demanding conditions of higher combustion temperatures and cylinder pressures of the latest low emission engines.

Formulated for heavy-duty diesel engine cooling systems (on-road or off-road) but can also be used in any light-duty (cars, SUV’s and light-duty trucks) application. Crystal Clean Heavy Duty Global is a pure OAT formulation that does not contain any conventional inorganic salts. Formulated to be free of nitrite, nitrate, silicate, phosphate and borate. It provides outstanding cylinder liner cavitation/pitting protection. It is compatible with all major brands of coolants without precipitation problems under typical top off quantities.

  • Meets the performance requirements of ASTM D6210, ASTM D3306, RP 364 and RP338A
  • Ready-to-use prediluted 50/50
  • In HD applications, performance beyond 12,000 hours/600,000 miles in well maintained systems
  • Yellow color is neutral and will not alter the original color of the coolant if topping off
  • Protects all system metals
  • Also available in red color

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