Coolant Filtration

Exponentially Prolong the Life of Cutting Fluid

Extend Coolant Life

Achieving precise and efficient cuts in machine operations relies on the delivery of contaminant free coolant. Maximizing the utility of your coolant is vital, as the ongoing replacement of coolant can be a significant expense and impact the efficiency of your operations. Crystal Clean’s Aqua Filtration System (AFS) has been designed to enhance the longevity of your coolant.

The introduction of contaminants into your coolant solution can result in its degradation, which inhibits your coolants cooling capabilities. Chemical reactions that take place when oils accumulate in the coolants can also lead to degradation. It is simply part of the process through use of a CNC that the coolant will eventually degrade but, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to extend a coolant’s life beyond what it could initially be on its own.

Our AFS units combat the degradation process by filtering particulates down to one micron, separating tramp oils that are introduced to the coolant through regular CNC operations. This increases the purity of the coolant for much longer periods than without an AFS unit. Beyond elevating operational efficiency, a meticulously filtered coolant solution simplifies the disposal process. The AFS unit’s ability to strain out contaminants leads to a more straightforward and cost-effective disposal process.

Our AFS units are fully automated, needing no operator attention while in use. Our sales and service representatives handle system maintenance during regularly scheduled service visits to ensure the AFS unit is operating to your expectations. With an AFS unit in place, you can expect your coolant to have extended life and consistent quality, and your machine tool life will increase and produce better part finish.

Highlighted Industries

Crystal Clean’s Aqua Filtration Systems are suited for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries, including:

Machinery & CNC Shops

You need a company you can count on to meet your needs. Crystal Clean offers the environmental services technicians depend on to keep your business in compliance with regulations.

Fleet & Transportation

Keeping your maintenance operations running efficiently matters. Crystal Clean offers the environmental services technicians depend on to help keep your fleet on the road and out of the shop.

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