Crystal Clean Publishes Company Sustainability Report

October 4, 2021

As part of Crystal Clean’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiative, we are excited to share the release of our first company Sustainability Report. The report tells the story of how Crystal Clean is committed to sustainable waste recovery operations to recycle, reduce, and reuse.

“To us, sustainability is more than a simple check-the-box initiative,” shared Crystal Clean President & CEO Brian Recatto. “It is a journey and an area that requires constant re-evaluation to identify areas where we succeed and can continue to improve.”

This report focuses Crystal Clean’s ESG initiatives around “5 Ps”, which are Planet, People, Partnerships, Prosperity, and Peace. The 5 Ps were created from the United Nations list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) intended to bring together and grow a safer, stable, healthier, and more prosperous world. Using the 5 Ps will help Crystal Clean measure its progress and work to balance and support our goals.

The sustainability report shares Crystal Clean’s commitment to these practices while helping to create a safe, sustainable environment for customers and the communities we work in. We strive for continuous improvement as we evolve our environmental footprint and help the business world run cleaner.

“Sustainability is part of who we are as a company,” said Anita Decina, Crystal Clean’s Vice President of Operational, Safety, & Environmental Excellence. “Crystal Clean remains committed to sustainability in all areas of the company and helping others do the same.”

Crystal Clean’s sustainability report can be found on the Crystal Clean website at