Smart Spill Solutions
Spilltech Absorbents for Spill Response & Cleanup

Oil and chemical spills require fast action. SpillTech Absorbents are the perfect solution for containing and absorbing oil and other chemicals.

Oil and chemical spills require fast action. SpillTech Universal Absorbents are the perfect solution for con- taining and absorbing oil and chemical spills. SpillTech Absorbents may
be used on fuels, solvents, coolants, oils, acids, alkalis, alcohol, paints, contaminat- ed water and more. They have an absorption rate of up to 30 times their weight.

Absorbing up to 25 times its own weight, SpillTech Oil Only Absorbents contain and absorb oil and petroleum based liquids on land and water. These float on water indefinitely, even when fully saturated. The oil and petroleum based liquids are absorbed, the water is not.

Everything you need to clean-up spills fast and easy! These Catastrophe Spill Kits are ideal for placement in areas around the plant where spills are likely to occur. All of the Spill Kits minimize the risk of an emergency becoming more serious. Great for absorbing fuels, solvents, coolants, contaminated water, acids and alkalis.

Absorbent Service Details:

  • Your choice of Universal or Oil Only SpillTech Products
  • Proper storage and shipping of 30 or 55 gallon drums, lids and rings
  • Assistance with Labels, Manifests and/or regulatory paperwork
  • Freight to and from Heritage-Crystal Clean Facilities
  • Environmentally sound treatment and disposal
  • Heritage-Crystal Clean Certificate of Assurance
  • Regularly Scheduled Service
  • No minimum order

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Ed joined Crystal Clean in 2001 and has held several roles related to business development. He has overseen multiple branch openings during his career and led integration teams for several HCC acquisitions over the years, as well as been part of a team that implemented Crystal Clean’s New Employee Orientation Program. He continues to lead initiatives focused on new business development and cross selling.

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