Paint Gun Cleaners & Recyclers

Model 2784

High-Efficiency Paint Gun Cleaner

“Clean Spray Guns in Under 60 Seconds”
The Model 2784 is a high-efficiency manual and automatic paint gun cleaner. This machine speeds up the paint gun cleaning process, offering an automatic cleaning option that can clean 2 spray guns in under 60 seconds. The machines also have a manual cleaning tank to use for precision cleaning. The unique design allows for cleaning two spray guns at once, as well as offers an inside-out cleaning feature. The Model 2784 uses aqueous cleaning chemistries.

Typical Applications:

  • Paint Gun & Airbrush Cleaning
Tank DimensionsOverall Dimensions
17.25” x 13.5” x 15”50” x 28”
Air RequirementsStandard Chemistries
2 CFM, 85 PSIMirachem QX483

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