Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. Announces Investment in Battery Recycling Partner Retriev

April 19, 2022

ELGIN, IL April 19, 2022 — Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. (Nasdaq: HCCI), a leading provider of parts cleaning, hazardous and non-hazardous waste services, used oil re-refining, antifreeze recycling and field services primarily focused on small and mid-sized customers, today announced an investment in its battery recycling partner, HBR Retriev Holdco, LLC (Retriev), through its operating subsidiary, Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC (HCC).

Retriev is an integrated battery recycling platform that includes the operations of Heritage Battery Recycling, Retriev Technologies, and Battery Solutions. Retriev is the only complete service provider for lithium and cross-chemistry in the industry, offering battery-centric logistics, collection program solutions and second-life applications. This investment, together with the logistics services agreement HCC executed with Retriev earlier this year, positions HCC to further capitalize on the opportunity to provide comprehensive collection and recycling services to businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

The circular battery supply chain is complex. Ensuring a robust network of battery-centric logistics focused on safety and compliance are critical to the success of this sector. HCC’s strategic locations will support Retriev’s growing demand in end-of-life battery collection and logistics.

“We are very excited with this investment as we believe it provides a great opportunity for our shareholders to benefit further from the growing electrification of our economy,” said Brian Recatto, President and CEO, HCC. “We believe this puts us in a great position to assist our current customers and future generations in achieving their sustainability goals.”

About Heritage-Crystal Clean

Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. provides parts cleaning, used oil re-refining, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste services primarily to small and mid-sized manufacturers and other industrial businesses as well as customers in the vehicle maintenance sector. Our service programs include parts cleaning, containerized waste management, used oil collection and re-refining, wastewater vacuum, waste antifreeze collection, recycling and product sales, and field services. These services help our customers manage their used chemicals and liquid and solid wastes, while also helping to minimize their regulatory burdens. Our customers include small-to-medium sized manufacturers, such as metal product fabricators and printers, and other industrial businesses as well as businesses involved in vehicle maintenance operations, such as car dealerships, automotive repair shops, and trucking firms. Through our used oil re-refining program during fiscal 2021, we recycled approximately 66 million gallons of used oil into high quality lubricating base oil, and we are a supplier to firms that produce and market finished lubricants. Through our antifreeze program during fiscal 2021 we recycled approximately 3.9 million gallons of spent antifreeze which was used to produce a full line of virgin-quality antifreeze products. Through our parts cleaning program during fiscal 2021 we recycled 2 million gallons of used solvent into virgin-quality solvent to be used again by our customers. In addition, we sold 0.5 million gallons of used solvent into the reuse market. Through our containerized waste program during fiscal 2021 we collected 21 thousand tons of regulated waste which was sent for energy recovery. Through our wastewater vacuum services program during fiscal 2021 we treated approximately 49 million gallons of wastewater. Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. is headquartered in Elgin, Illinois, and operates through 91 branches serving approximately 95,000 customer locations.

About Retriev Technologies  

Retriev, the recognized leader in battery management and recycling, has been at the forefront of safe and responsible recycling technology for decades, processing lithium batteries for over 30 years. Retriev utilizes a patented hydrometallurgical process which recovers critical materials necessary for the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries that are used to power our world. Retriev’s reputation is built on research, knowledge, compliance and responsible battery recycling and management services. For more information, visit www.retrievtech.com.