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Parts Cleaners

Crystal Clean has been successful in finding better ways to provide our services. Our hallmark service, Parts Cleaning, is based on an awareness that our customers need to clean dirty parts but they don’t wish to generate hazardous waste. To address this, we have designed two creative parts cleaning programs to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace. 

parts-washer-before Before
parts-washer-after After

Solvent Parts Cleaning Service

  • Virgin Solvent At Every Change-out
    (Low Flashpoint Solvent)
  • Rented Unit Or Service Of
    Customer-owned Machines
  • On-time Regularly Scheduled Service
  • Complete Machine Service And Maintenance By A Qualified Trained Representative
  • 100% Replacement Of Solvent
    At Each Service (Ask About Our
    Rent-only & Top-off Service Options)
  • Proper Management Of Used Solvent
  • Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Waste Will Be Handled Safely And Responsibly By An Experienced Leader In Parts Cleaning Services
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Custom Designed Equipment Available
  • Certificate Of Assurance

Non-Hazardous Program

CRYSTAL CLEAN’s Non-Hazardous Program provides our customers with Premium high flashpoint, low odor mineral spirits and removal & management of the used mineral spirits as non-hazardous waste.

Thousands of customers have switched to the HCC Parts Cleaning Service and are enjoying not only the cost savings, but reduced paperwork, a safer workplace and greater concern for the environment.

Why not join them?

Aqueous Parts Cleaning Service

  • New aqueous cleaning solution with every service
  • Rental machines or Service of customer-owned units
  • On-time scheduled service
  • Complete machine service and maintenance by a qualified trained representative
  • 100% replacement of cleaning solution at each service (*Ask about our machine-only & top-off service options)
  • Proper identification and management
  • Peace of mind
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Custom designed equipment available
  • Most Crystal Clean models are Stainless Steel