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Vacuum Services

Our Crystal Clean Vacuum Service Program is a state of the art waste water management program that helps both large and small quantity generators manage their waste water and related solids with a service that is dialed in to each customer’s specific need. Whether you need service weekly or annually the Crystal Clean Vacuum Program can provide exceptional service while offering complete assurance and peace of mind that your wastes are being handled in the most efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

Our program removes oily waters, sludge and coolants as well as other sources of contaminated waste waters that are generated in both the manufacturing and automotive industries.

Our modern fleet of vacuum trucks collect millions of gallons of contaminated waters annually and help protect our environment and preserve our lakes, streams and oceans.

Our certified staff of highly trained and courteous Vacuum Service Representatives are available to assist you with all of your waste water recovery needs and keep you in full environmental compliance.

Our Vacuum Service Program Offers:

Safe and environmentally sound removal of:

  • Oily Water
  • Sludge
  • CNC Cutting Lubricants and Coolants
  • Water Based Paints and Inks


Full service cleaning of:

  • Oil Water Separators
  • Trenches
  • Shop Drains
  • CNC Machines