Waste Solidification Services

Turnkey Services to Safely Collect and Dispose Non-hazardous Wastes

Crystal Clean offers waste solidification services for proper disposal of your non-hazardous wastes. We have the capability to manage materials ranging from individual containers to large bulk quantities of waste. Our waste solidification facilities follow a straightforward five-step process, consisting of collection, coagulation, precipitation, testing, and disposal. We use a range of repurposed natural and synthetic binding agents to solidify and stabilize your liquid waste. We provide rapid waste profiling for your waste streams, coupled with 24/7 access to related documents through our customer portal.

Our comprehensive solidification services encompass the entire waste management process, from collection to the transformation of non-hazardous waste into a solid state, all while maintaining a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and regulatory compliance.

Common Non-Hazardous Liquids:

  • Sludges
  • Solids
  • Absorbents
  • Debris
  • Product Recalls
  • Part A / B

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