Heritage-Crystal Clean is an HSP PRO Serving Ontario, Canada

Sustainable Environmental Services from a Leader in the Industry

Heritage-Crystal Clean’s vision is to protect the earth’s resources by helping the business world run cleaner. We are committed to sustainable waste recovery operations, utilizing new ways to recycle and reuse waste using modern technology. At the heart of this is a dedication to service, safety, and environmental excellence. We continue to innovate and lead the way in sustainable environmental services, while taking the headaches out of waste management.

Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR)

Ontario’s Hazardous and Special Products (HSP) Regulation has created new new obligations for producers to sustainably collect, manage, and recycle their materials and waste generated. These changes help lead to the creation of a circular economy of many materials, promoting the recycling and reuse of waste. Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) requires each producer meets individual goals, and they are responsible for improving their company sustainability and reducing their environmental impact.

Leave It To The PROs

Heritage-Crystal Clean is a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO), and we have the knowledge and background to help sustainability manage a variety of wastes under the HSP regulations. Heritage-Crystal Clean offers services for oil filters, oil containers, antifreeze, paints and coatings, solvents, non-refillable pressurized containers, refillable propane containers, barometers, thermometers, and thermostats.

In today’s world, it matters how waste is disposed. Heritage-Crystal Clean is committed to sustainable waste recovery operations, utilizing new ways to recycle and reuse waste using modern technology. Our ambition as a company is to encourage a mindset of sustainability that provides us a future generations the ability to build a better world.

Sustainable Environmental Services

Heritage-Crystal Clean offers the services needed to protect the environment and create a brighter, sustainable future. We are committed to conducting services in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.

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