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Antifreeze Services

Used Antifreeze Collection and Recycling

Antifreeze (Coolant) Service Includes the safe and environmentally sound removal of used antifreeze. HCC’s program is designed to keep your operation running smoothly by offering regularly scheduled service visits by our Professional Service Representatives who are trained in the proper paperwork and tracking documents necessary to keep your business in compliance.


Antifreeze Service Includes:

  • Automotive Antifreeze
    • Conventional
    • Automotive Extended Life (OAT)
    • GM licensed Dex-Cool*
  • Heavy Duty Antifreeze
    • Fully Formulated Conventional
    • Heavy Duty Extended Life (NMOAT)
    • Heavy Duty NAPS Free Extended Life (OAT)
  • Complete closed-loop antifreeze service
  • Environmentally responsible antifreeze management